New Beginning

Last night I was very honoured to be invited to a former colleague and dear friend’s retirement party.  We recalled my first day at the company she was retiring from, when she met me at the door to direct me to a car park, walked me to my desk and made me feel welcome and part of the team from the off.

Driving home I reflected on my own feelings.  I admit to feeling a little melancholic.

Beginnings and endings are times of transition, uncertainty and can be messy. We can feel anxiety, rejection, curiosity, excitement, anticipation, fear, sometimes anger and loss.

Endings tend not to be so eagerly anticipated as beginnings.  They might happen unexpectedly, but even when we are able to plan we tend to be less willing to look forward to an ending.  I often allow things to fade away rather than mark the end.  This results in a lack of closure which is not always satisfactory.

The thing is both beginnings and endings we have already experienced heavily influence how we anticipate and experience future events. Personally I have experienced some great beginnings and so look forward to them.  I have also experienced some difficult endings and so avoid them.  This also probably explains my slightly downbeat mood.

I am pleased to report that this was not in any way a traumatic ending.  Although I sense a feeling of loss this ending was properly marked, recognised and given closure.  In fact retirement can be seen as a new beginning.  In this case one in which the buzz of corporate life is exchanged for much more pleasurable duties as a Grandparent.

And I realised that even the traumatic endings of my past were, with 20:20 hindsight, new beginnings.  New beginnings that had lead to great things.

So thanks Jen for being a great PA, for being a friend and for helping me to recognise a beautiful truth about endings.

The whole world’s broke and it ain’t worth fixing
It’s time to start all over, make a new beginning
There’s too much pain, too much suffering
Let’s resolve to start all over make a new beginning

Now don’t get me wrong I love life and living
But when you wake up and look around at everything that’s going down
All wrong
You see we need to change it now, this world with too few happy endings
We can resolve to start all over make a new beginning

Tracy Chapman New Beginning


3 thoughts on “New Beginning

  1. City Girl at the Edge

    Ah, I agree about endings. I live by a motto about how things should end, but never have I thought to articulate it!

  2. This is a great story. We all experience beginnings and endings. As you say, “even the traumatic endings of my past were, with 20:20 hindsight, new beginnings. New beginnings that had lead to great things.” We should all keep this optimistic attitude. ~ Dennis

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