Warning Sign

This week the main road through our small town has been closed for resurfacing. For a couple of weeks before large electronic signs were in place telling everyone that this would happen and diversions were put in place.

2014-05-23 09.56.03

We are lucky enough to live in the countryside so many of the alternative routes are very narrow and with a lot of quarrying locally we also have a lot of heavy trucks.  The diversions were therefore very long  but well signed with the traffic supposedly being diverted over 10 miles away from the actual closure.

Fortunately we live right at the end of the works and so could exit (in one direction only) from our cul- de-sac.  I’ve had to make numerous trips and I’ve been amazed at the number of drivers ignoring all the signs then getting angry when being turned back.  On my return home I usually have a little convoy follow me past all the closure and diversion signs and into my street past four signs showing that it is a no through road, only to be disappointed when it turns out that I didn’t know a secret route – merely my way home.  My record is three cars, a van and an agricultural feed lorry, that took quite a while to untangle themselves on the residential roads.

How often in our lives do we ignore all the warning signs and continue on, hoping that all the evidence is wrong, that something will turn up or that because others are on the same path they must know something we don’t?

Taking a different route, even if clearly signed, can be hard.  But reversing out of a dead end is harder still.


Just another warning sign that failed to show.
Looking for reason why, I knew we’d never know.
And every time it leads us here, we’re high and dry.
Show me these years of hope won’t die.

I never knew a warning sign could hide and fade.
Looking for a new road out and I’ve got a life to save.
But now I don’t feel you here by my side.
Show me these years of hope won’t die.

Scars on 45


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