London’s oases of calm

London's  oases of calm

Warm, watery sunlight in Autumn must be some of the best weather in which to enjoy London. Warm enough to need no coat yet cool enough not to broil on the Tube. Tempers stay calm and attitudes sunny!

Having a spare hour I chose to walk between meetings from Covent Garden over to Moorgate. The noisy centre of arts and culture giving way to the financial district.

What was clear is that London is blessed with many parks and squares, oases of calm amidst the hustle and bustle.

Lincoln’s Inn Fields were enchanting, Postman’s Gardens in Aldgate a small yet densely planted unexpected treat. And finally Finsbury Square. A barren square of grass, still noisy with traffic but even so a magnet for office workers.

Proof, if it were needed, of how much we are drawn to green spaces and how much value we must place on even a little nature to calm our senses.  Even without a quiet, green space we can create such a place in our minds and return to it whenever we feel in need of relief from the demands of modern life.  Many are now learning the benefits of meditation, yoga and other techniques to calm their minds.  The results are invariably positive,  I am tempted to try a yoga class myself, but in the meantime a stroll does the trick and saves the Tube fare.